Posted on Jan 13, 2020

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Will pressure washing damage window seals?

If you own or you have ever used a pressure washer, then you know how powerful the machine can be. Today, it’s possible to get a pressure washing machine that’s over 4000 PSI. Such machines allow you to clean different sorts of things—from your car to the exterior of your home.
But, there’s one question that comes into our minds regarding pressure washing—can it damage window seals?

The answer is yes. At New Territory Pressure Washing Service we know that using too much water pressure can easily damage window seals. The sealant around your windows assists in preventing moisture from getting into your home, causing decay and mold. When you use the incorrect water pressure, the water can find its way past the seal, and cause major damage. Some of these damages can force you to spend lots of money on repairs—something you could have easily avoided.

When cleaning your windows, you should avoid spraying water directly to the window seals and glass. Even the minimal amount of water pressure can tear right through the seal. Therefore, you need to understand the recommended water pressure for power washing windows and window seals to avoid damaging them.

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